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Headphone System

Dual Channels Professional Infrared Transmission System

The Vega Wireless Transmission system transits sound signal to personal receivers used by multiple listeners. It provides interference-free sound source to the headphone through the air without any limitation by the conventional cabling. Our system is ideal for interpretation with one or multi-channel in conference meetings, classrooms, lecture halls, theaters, churches, auditoriums, function rooms as well as noisy factories.



  • Absolute privacy in audio listening.
  • Interference-free sound output with high quality.
  • Personal volume control.
  • Up to 2 channels selectable.
  • Fully compatible with TV, VCR, radio system or other audio source.
  • Multi user applications.
  • Automatic Level Control (ALC) System ensures comfortable listening.
  • High gain transmitter with built-in amplifier.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to install and expand.
  • Operating distance up to 30 meters.

Transmitter - IP111

Receiver (Headphone) - IP112

  Operating Voltage

28 VDC

  Operating Voltage


  Current Drain

800 mA

  Current Drain (Max Signal)

25 mA

  Carrier Frequency

2.3 MHz / 2.8 MHz

  Output Power Maximum

12 mA

  Input Impedance (Audio In)

4.7 K ohm


1.5 %

  Input Impedance (Mic In)

1 K ohm


54 dB

  Green Led Light On Input Level (Audio In)

80 mV

  Frequency Response (Lower)

50 Hz