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Company Profile

Vega Mfg. Ltd is one of the notable manufacturers producing quality presentation equipment for the clients all over the world. Our company was established in early 2000 and has our factory in Shenzhen. 

The headquarter - Vega Technology Ltd. has over 30 years experience in the Audio Visual industry in Hong Kong. It provides excellent systematic management with logistics and other support while the factory in Shenzhen focus on production of quality projection screens, projector mounts & brackets, overhead projectors and other peripherals under stringent supervision.

Our Aim

With our experience, professionalism and enthusiasm, we aim at providing out worldwide business partners, distributors and customers with our high quality presentation equipments and other products for their global market.

At the beginning of 2007 we moved our factory from Dongguan to Shenzhen - a more convenient location being closer to Hong Kong, thereby saving us a lot of time in traveling. With better environment and spacious room there, we have effectively increased our current production capacity to 1,000 screens per working day and also greatly improved the stability of our product quality through higher efficiency in operation, greater improvement in processes, tighter quality control, better manufacturing facilities and etc.

The substantially-upgraded capability of our R&D department is the key to our recent enlargement in the current scope of business cooperation with the overseas partners from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) to ODM (Original Design Manufacturing).

Our Mission

Vega Mfg. Ltd can become one of the leading manufacturers in providing presentation equipments in Asia, which is not without reasons. We come to succeed by practicing our 5-Ms Concept, which we always believe in, namely: Matching, Manufacturing, Management, Marketing and Money-Making.

We are seeking to work with business partners, NOT just the short-term customers and have been trying our best to meet their requirements for the win-win results.

Manufacturing in China

We choose to set up our manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen so that we may take advantage of lower production cost there to make quality OEM products for working partners abroad to save cost.

Management by Hong Kong People
Management teams sent from our head office in Hong Kong are stationing at the factory in China for conducting stringent supervision and implementing systematic management to ensure efficient operation and product quality.

Marketing by our partners

We prefer distributing our products through partners’ strong sales networks over the world to developing our own, so as to safeguard the interests of our partners.

Money-Making & Sharing

We share the profits with our partners by offering them more competitive pricing to win the market where the consumers may enjoy buying the good quality products at comparatively low prices.